Quick Tip Tuesday: Repurpose Baby Hangers

Kid hangers2

When my kids transitioned from baby hangers to regular-size hangers for the clothes in their closets, I was left with a huge stack of petite hangers. What to do? I recycled some of those smaller hangers into a few other uses:

  • In my master closet, baby hangers are the perfect size to hang scarves (one scarf per hanger).
  • In my son’s closet, the hangers with clips work great to hold hats (two to a hanger). {Can you tell he’s a hockey fan?}
  • For crafters or sewers, the hangers with clips also work great to hang fabric remnants or craft paper/supplies.
  • For my Uppercase Living business, where I need to keep large vinyl sheets flat, the hangers with clips work well to organize them hanging in my craft room closet.

As you declutter different spaces, think about ways you might be able to repurpose the items you already have to fit other needs. I’ll be sharing more “repurposing” tips next Tuesday!

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