Quick Tip Tuesday: Recycling plastic bags

Yes, I admit it. I have a bag full of bags. Those ubiquitous plastic things with handles that accumulate in my pantry every time I go to the store. {I know, I know, I could end all the madness by carrying reusable totes in my car, but my organization level must stop there, for my brain does not remember to actually bring those into the store.} There is, however, a solution for those of us who want to declutter but know we can’t just throw them away. I recently dropped that bag full of bags off at Lowe’s, where they have a large recycling bin for plastic bags as you enter their store. Other large retailers and grocers, such as Cub, Target and Wal-Mart, also accept plastic bags, wrap and film for recycling. Look for the bins at the entrance/exit to the stores. So tell me, do you have a bag of bags?

bag of bags

Earth911.org, a website dedicated to recycling efforts, had this to say about recycling plastic bags:

Are plastic bags worse than paper bags? Though commonly debated, many are surprised to find out that compared to paper, plastic grocery bags can be a resource-efficient choice. Plastic grocery bags require 70 percent less energy to manufacture than paper bags, and produce half the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the process, according to PlasticBagFacts.org.

Though efficient to produce, it is crucial that plastic bags be reused and recycled and kept out of natural environments as they do not biodegrade quickly and can cause problems for wildlife when improperly disposed of.

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