Quick Tip Tuesday: Prevent blisters the next time you run

Prevent blistersToday’s quick tip actually has nothing to do with organization or design, but I thought it was so cool that I wanted to share it anyway. My runner friends are going to love this one!

Ever wonder what those extra shoelace holes are for at the very top of your athletic shoes? Or, never thought about it? Quick! Go grab your shoes! I took my workout shoes out of my gym bag and, sure enough, there are extra holes I’m not using.

athletic shoes

While most of us probably ignore those extra holes, they actually have a name and serve a purpose. They’re called a heel lock or lace lock, and their main function is to prevent blisters from your heel rubbing up and down when you run or walk.

A cool company by the name of Illumiseen put together this quick video to demonstrate how it works. Take a peek!

Cool, huh? The next time you’re at the gym or with your running group, impress your friends with this tip!

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