Quick Tip Tuesday: Floss your cake {and eat it too}

Most of my close friends know that I’m a little bit obsessed with clean teeth and floss. {Seriously, I have some with me at all times, if you ever need it.} But did you know that there’s another use to floss that you may not have thought of? You’ll rarely, if ever, get a clean slice of cake using a knife. But dental floss makes a great tool for cutting cake.

If you have a round layered cake, cheesecake or even a cupcake, take a piece of unscented floss, hold it taut with both hands, and slice cleanly through the cake and frosting. No mess! Try it! You can also use floss to cut a roll of cookie dough or a block of cheese.

Cut cake with floss_edited-1

Another handy cake tip {courtesy of my mom}: If you want to wrap up an individual piece of cake but don’t want the frosting to stick to the plastic wrap or Tupperware lid, slice the cake horizontally through the middle (using that floss!) and flip the top upside down, so the frosting is in the middle. {Just like a Suzy-Q, remember those?}


So go ahead, floss…I mean, have your cake and eat it too!

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