Quick Tip Tuesday: Crock pot liners

I love to cook using the crock pot. It makes my day to walk through the door and smell a yummy meal ready in the kitchen. Set it in the morning, come home later in the day and, like magic, dinner is served! I took a crock of chili to my child’s school for teacher conferences and someone commented on the liners I used to keep the crock pot clean. I discovered slow cooker and crock pot liners a few years ago, and will not use my crock pot without them! They make cleaning a breeze!

crock pot with Reynolds liners

If you don’t use crock pot liners, you must. They are found in the grocery aisle with the plastic food storage containers, plastic wraps and bags. They are plastic bags meant to cook at a high temperature, similar to an oven bag. {They are FDA approved for food use and BPA free, as well.} The idea is to place the liner in the crock pot before you put the food in, let it cook like normal, and when you’re finished with the meal, pull out the liner and throw it away. While I still wash out the crock pot after use, there’s no scrubbing or soaking involved. Super easy cleanup!

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