Quick Tip Tuesday: 5 minutes to sorted laundry

5 minutes to sorted laundry

Would you like to save 15-30 minutes every time you do laundry? Do you spend time sorting laundry into piles before you can actually throw them into the wash? What if I told you I don’t have any piles on my laundry room floor, nor do I spend time sorting the laundry? It’s true. So what’s my secret? No, I don’t have a maid who does all of our laundry. And yes, we do have dirty clothes at our house. I don’t use hampers, a laundry chute, or an elaborate sorting system in my laundry room. My laundry room doubles as my mudroom, so there’s a lot of activity in and out of that room. It’s also quite a small space, so I needed to devise a simple organizing solution that wouldn’t leave us walking all over the clothes piles on the floor.


My simple solution? We sort as we go by using a divided laundry basket. It’s a mesh fabric basket with two removable dividers separating three “compartments.” I’ve labeled each of the baskets and their corresponding zones with cold, warm and whites — the typical loads of laundry I do. I have one in each bedroom: our master closet and each of our kids’ closets. This makes it easy to throw the dirty clothes directly into the basket {and the appropriate “zone”} when we’re changing our clothes — and eliminates any clothes ending up on the floor, as well. I started this when my kids were itty bitty things, so yes, it can be done with family members of all ages. {If they can sort blocks, they can sort clothing between whites and colors.} Most of our clothes are washed in cold water, so that’s where the majority of our clothes go. When it is time to do laundry, I simply carry the mesh baskets (which have handles) into the laundry room. Voilà! The clothes are already sorted and ready to be washed — in less than a minute a day! This is an easy way to combine loads, such as all the whites, or just the kids’, etc. It’s also the perfect set-up if your kids are at the age to do their own laundry — it’s pre-sorted and they won’t have piles all over the place. Then, I just use the baskets as a regular laundry basket to carry the clothes to be folded. Each basket is put back in their respective closets, ready for the next loads. Simple, right?

laundry sorter

If you’re creative, use the baskets you already own and devise your own divider system. Otherwise, I found some mesh laundry sorters, similar to the ones I use, here and here. (I purchased mine 12 years ago at Menard’s, which is a home improvement store in our area, but I haven’t been able to find them there, unfortunately.)

Now, if I could just find a solution that would automatically fold all the laundry….

Happy organizing!

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