Project Basement Reno

Remember that huge basement mess I talked about last week? Well, now comes the fun part. For two months last spring, our basement went from an unfinished space to a fun entertaining area for our family and friends. Another result of my year of being intentional: freedom from clutter and becoming more hospitable.

First, a disclaimer. When I was searching for design ideas for our basement, I found a lot of “dream design” ideas — ones that made me say ‘wow!’ Sites that I love: Houzz, DIY Network and of course, HGTV. Our budget and our space, however, limited the ability to make our basement look like those photos. In the end, I was able to draw inspiration from them and come up with a plan for our home. I know people with amazing spaces, ones that could be on my list of dream homes. But I totally believe comparison is the thief of joy. I realize that everyone has different budgets, spaces, tastes, opinions, wants and needs. I’m grateful for all that we have and can share with others, and I hope that you will be inspired to be content with what you have been given, as well.

Here’s a little tour of our finished space. (Slide the arrows left and right to see the before and afters.) I’ll meet up with you at the end…



There are so many little details that went into this space. Here are some of them (feel free to click on the photo to pin!):



Middle schoolers invade our basement for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) nights.


Soccer dads relaxing in the space…


Hanging out with our soccer team family!


It’s become a great space to watch movies, play video games, and host overnight guests, sleepovers and parties! Although, maybe we made it too comfortable, because now my parents think they’re moving in….

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