No-Sew Window Valance

I don’t sew. I used to — in junior high. My yellow and green stuffed turtle and purple apron from home ec class prove it. But today, if a project involves more than sewing on a button, forget about it! I don’t own a sewing machine, nor do I have any interest in owning one. So if you sew, then this post isn’t for you! For the rest of us, I recently made some window treatments that look like I know how to sew! Here are the details.

corner window valance

What you’ll need:

  • fabric
  • scissors
  • iron-on hem tape
  • iron
  • measuring tape

I measured the windows for which I wanted to make valances, then added two inches on each side for my desired finished product. When purchasing the fabric, I made sure to figure out my exact dimensions for both windows and purchased one large cut of fabric. {Keep in mind you need to add some inches for the hems on all sides.}

I measured the fabric several times before I made my cut. Using straight pins, I pinned the hem of the fabric where I would be ironing, then measured again to ensure I had the accurate size.

measuring fabric

pinning hems

With my hems pinned, I ironed them and pulled out the pins. The fabric I chose is thick and has a grid in it from the thread design, so this made it easier to ensure my lines were straight.

I placed a strip of the iron-on hem tape under the pre-ironed hem. Then, I placed the iron on top of the fabric again to heat up the adhesive on the hem tape. Having never used this product before, I wasn’t sure how it would hold, but it works slick. The hem is perfect.

heat n bond hem tape

hem tape before iron

ironing hem tape

The curtain rods I bought are one inch in diameter, so I wanted at least three inches for the pocket. I created the pocket for the rod by simply folding over the fabric and making sure the hole would be open the entire width of the curtain.

after ironing hem tape

I proceeded to iron the tape into all the hems.

iron hem

What makes my windows a little tricky is that they meet at the corner, so I knew that two finials from both curtain rods would not fit in that space. My solution was to install one rod, and then leave one finial off the other rod, so that it meets up and looks like a corner rod. I wish I had photos of me standing on my kitchen counter drilling holes for the curtain rods. My handy hubby wasn’t home, so I was a woman with a mission — and a power drill! I was so proud I got them level and my rod solution worked perfectly.

corner curtain rod close up

Here’s the before and after of my finished product.

no-sew corner window valances

What do you think? Not too bad for no sewing machine, right? I’m still trying to decide what style I want to do over the window seat in my living room, but I already have the fabric! (Check it out, bottom right). Happy decorating!


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