Master Closet Organization

Welcome to our master closet! Come on in! With all my posts about organization, I’ve never given you a peek behind the scenes into our own closet. My husband and I share a walk-in closet that is around 12×8; he has one side, I have the longer side {tee hee}. When we built our house, my hubby took out the wire shelving the builders put in and installed closet organizers to make the best use of our space. Both our kids’ closets and our main entry closet also have built-ins. Closet built-ins range widely in price, depending on if a professional installs it or if you do it yourself. We bought ours at Home Depot and my husband created the plan online. I just think there is no better way to utilize every square inch of space!

Here’s the view when you walk into our closet. I hang all my pants and have sweaters and sweatshirts stacked on shelves. The built-in dresser features three drawers, which contain my undergarments, shorts and pajamas. (My husband has a matching dresser opposite mine; we do not have a dresser in our bedroom.) On the dresser shelves are drawers for jewelry and clear boxes for my dress shoes.

Master closet sideview

Looking closely at the dresser shelves, I repurposed a 3-drawer craft organizer into a jewelry box. I added these plastic dividers to separate my earrings. The other two drawers hold bracelets.

jewelry box

In the closet, I like to have a “pretty corner” — a spot for something fun, decorative and pretty. I found these clear/silver apothecary jars, and filled one with nail polish and the other with bracelets. If you have the space, clear out a little spot for your own pretty corner.

jewelry jars

Clear containers for my dress shoes and short boots fit perfectly on the shelves. I do have to pull out my step stool to reach the top, which you’ll spy in the photo below.


Walking into the closet, you can see how I break out my clothes. Rather than putting all the same color items together {shocker, I know!}, I sort them by type of clothing: jackets, summer shirts and halters, long-sleeved shirts, skirts and long dresses. I use all-white hangers for a coordinated look.

master closet organization

hanging clothes by category

On both sides of the back of the closet, we have these tall corner shelves. I added some shelving within the shelving to better organize my t-shirts and such.

corner shelf after

I have fabric covered containers/storage bins for my stash of purses and bags.

bin for small purses

My husband’s items are on the other side. (And I’ll be honest with you, he wouldn’t want me sharing it.) While my husband is awesome and does his share of keeping the house clean, he’s not a neat freak like I am, so his side of the closet is the one spot he gets to do it his way!

At the other end of our closet, I have decorated an accent wall using repositionable wallpaper as stripes. On the wall, we have a built-in ironing board. My husband has to wear a suit and tie for work, so he definitely uses it the most. It’s so handy; just open the cabinet and pull the ironing board down, plugging in the iron in the outlet below. (We also use the outlets to charge our phones or my Kindle.)

closet accent wall

Finally, a couple of months ago I shared my space-saving post about utilizing the back of our closet door, where I store my swimsuits and workout tops. See that post here.

space saving door

So there you go: a sneak peek inside our closet. It’s not gigantic, it’s not amazing, but it’s real and gets the job done. And honestly, if it were any bigger, I would just keep collecting clothes.

Organizing tip: When I bring a new item in, I get rid of an item that I haven’t worn.

So tell me, is your closet a trouble spot or a reprieve? What’s one thing that you do in your closet that works well?

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