DIY Orb Chandelier

Orb chandeliers

Lighting. It’s like the jewelry in a room. And like jewelry, it can be expensive. I’ve been eyeing these beautiful orb chandeliers for a few years. In fact, when we finished our basement in 2014, I bought one to put in the stairway. Google orb chandeliers and you’ll find hundreds of photos of beautiful lights, ranging (for the larger ones) from $400 to $1,000+. I wanted to update my light fixture inexpensively and with a wow factor, so I decided to make my own DIY orb chandelier.

For just $70 and a couple of hours, I transformed this builder-grade light fixture over our kitchen table into a unique orb chandelier. Check out the before and after.


Curious how? Believe it or not, I made it using hula hoops and rope! Here’s what I did.

To make the chandelier, you’ll need:

  • a light fixture
  • 3 hula hoops (all same size)
  • rope
  • hot glue gun

hula hoops

I needed big enough hula hoops to fit around the 24″ light, and I found these at Wal-Mart for $5.88. As for the rope, you can choose any type for this project. I was excited to find nylon rope in white, since I don’t have cream in my house, but you could choose tan, brown, black, etc. I bought this rope at Lowe’s for $8.78. I ended up needing 100 feet per hula hoop, so two packs per hoop.

nylon rope

This is a great project to do while getting a little HGTV fix. I took my glue gun and placed some hot glue on the hula hoop to adhere the beginning of the rope.

hot glue rope

Then, I just patiently wrapped the rope around and around the hoop, holding it tight. {My curious dog, Crosby, got in on the action too.} I found that I did not need to glue the whole rope, just the beginning and ends.

securing rope with guard dog

Here’s what the hoop looked like after one pack of rope was secured.

hula hoop with rope

Once all the hoops were covered in rope, I secured the first one to the chain of the light fixture. After that, I tied knots to secure the other two hoops to the main one. For this part of the project, I highly recommend a partner; one to hold while the other ties (so sorry, no photo evidence of the trickiness!).

chandelier after

It’s definitely a large accent! I love the bronze light with the white orb, which correlates with my two-toned kitchen stools and my table. I think it’s a little big for the four-person table, but when the table gets enlarged for dinner parties, it will feel just right. Another tip: I did have to get lower-wattage lightbulbs, because it was so bright without the shades! I get excited when I can take something I don’t love and make it new! As you look around your home, what could you turn into something fabulous? Maybe this project will help you think outside the box — or orb. Let me know what you think!

Happy decorating!

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