DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego TableI’m always looking for great storage ideas. The playroom is no exception. We have a bonus room over our garage that makes a perfect play space. This room has transitioned over time as my kids have outgrown toys, and today, it’s mainly used for knee hockey. However, my son was an avid Lego builder. As a 13-year-old, he doesn’t play with them anymore. {Insert tears here.} But during his Lego heydays, he would build kits made for ages 16+ that each contained thousands of pieces. After he built something, he was not about to smash it apart and start over. No, he wanted them displayed and set up so he could look at or play with them. It quickly became apparent that we were going to need more space for Legos, not just for building but for display purposes. Several years ago, I searched and searched for something that would work in our space, with no success. Hence, our DIY Lego table, made up of scrapbooking modular cubes, was born.

We took four cubes — containing open shelves, drawers and divider shelves — and built a sort of mini-desk. We then attached two laminate boards from Lowe’s with four L-brackets each, two on each side of the cubes. This gives us a 10-foot long display table in our playroom. You could also set these up back to back, so it’s a deep but shorter, two-sided table.

Lego Table

Here you can see the undersides of the shelf and cube, where the L brackets are attached. The desk part makes a perfect place to store extra Legos, and the shelves work great for the miscellaneous instruction manuals that come with each kit.

LbracketsLego storage

Lego manuals

In addition to that, the former train table became the perfect building table because of its edges. He built that city (Lego Creator series) when he was 8-11. Now, if I could just figure out the secret to keeping them dust free! Grrr.

Train table turned lego table

And some day, maybe we’ll take all of his Legos and make this…wouldn’t that be cool?


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