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If you walk into our home, you’ll quickly realize I love clocks. Back in March, I wrote this post about some of the clocks throughout our home. My kids will tell you we have clocks everywhere. And they would be correct. The real bonus: My family will never be late, right?!

Our walls are a blank canvas after having our main level painted a few weeks ago. {If you missed my post about our paint transformation, check it out here.} Of course, I immediately began thinking of ways to incorporate my love of clocks. One of the walls I decided to tackle first is behind the couch. You can see in the before photo that I had a mirror on that wall. While it wasn’t a small mirror, it never did look quite right in that space. My rule for hanging items on the wall is just above eye level when seated. In this space, because we have 9-foot ceilings, there was always too much space above the mirror and on each side to fill out the wall.

I decided a gallery wall of various pieces would be a great solution for this space. (Otherwise, if you have a single item, think big!) Generally, the space behind a sofa is 6×8, so that’s a large space to decorate! Check out my before and after!


I came upon the large metal wall art at Gordmans and put it in my cart immediately. It’s one of those pieces that had the perfect size, shape and colors for what I was doing. Gordmans is always an interesting shopping experience; I never see the same items there twice and they usually only have one of something, at least in their decor section. So my advice is if you see something you like, buy it, for it probably won’t be there again. I found the “You make my heart smile” canvas there, as well. I bought the lower right clock at Marshall’s, and the gray clock and glass knob at Kirkland’s. Lucky for me, the rest of the items I found in my personal “design” stash — items I bought but never used, including the two mirrors and the white frame. The result is a combination of metal, wood, and different shapes all coming together to make one focal statement.

clock collage wall AFTER

I’m in love with the wall now. It’s the perfect number of items (almost always decorate in odds!) and uses both the vertical and horizontal space proportionately. I do have to admit I wanted to overlap the items more, but they just wouldn’t hang right and it would have looked odd from the side, so I deleted that idea.

As an installation tip, I laid all the pieces out on the floor simulating how I wanted to place them on the wall. I then created templates of each piece with parchment paper. I marked each piece where it would hang and taped it up on the wall before I made my holes. {Just for the record, I hung everything but the top frame, as it was too high for this petite gal! That’s what handy, tall hubby is for!}

installing anchorhubby using template


I love the idea of a collage on the wall because, really, there are no rules! You can mix and match frames, artwork, mirrors, photos, words, and signs and it looks great! Find items that work together (either by coloring or shape).

Here’s another example of a fun gallery wall I have going downstairs to our basement entertaining space, utilizing black as the coordinating color. These words make me happy and are great messages for our family and guests who see it!

basement collage

I’d love to see your walls! Show me some of your favorites, and even the walls that could use some love!

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      September 23, 2015 at 5:51 pm (2 years ago)

      Awe, thanks Sheila! This is my way of having all my friends chatting with me in my living room! 🙂 Miss you!


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