Clock Crazy

I love clocks. It’s a little bit of an obsession, actually. For me, it’s really hard to pass up a cool clock. I even have a Pinterest board just for my love of clocks. I never realize, though, just how many I have until it’s Daylight Savings Time. Yep, it’s kind of a pain in my house and takes me awhile just to change all the clocks. Want to see?

dining clock desk clock bronze clock bookshelf clock laundry clock world clock office wall clock

kitchen clock2 kitchen clock

That last one I had to show you twice because, heck, it’s double sided! And that’s just a sampling; I didn’t even count all the digital ones. When I was a college freshman, my roommate had a ticking alarm clock that drove me crazy. I hid it in her clothes in one of her drawers. Now, I must be a little more mature, because when it’s completely silent in my house, I can hear multiple “ticks and tocks” and it’s soothing to me. How quickly time passes, right? Time for another one…

Julee sig 2014_pink_xoxo-1_edited-1

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